Tardy Orthodontics is a valuable resource when it comes to Arlington orthodontic expanders for teeth, also providing braces and other orthodontic appliances designed to adjust the alignment and spacing of your teeth.

Dr. Tardy offers patients the insight that comes with over 30 years in the industry. She has continually remained on the cutting-edge of orthodontic work and continues to acquire valuable information that solidifies her status as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the industry.

When it comes to Arlington dental braces for teeth, Tardy Orthodontics offers a wide range of treatment methods — from traditional and clear braces to our Invisalign treatments.

Orthodontic braces in Arlington TX are designed to address alignment and spacing issues in your teeth. Braces are often used in the same treatment method with orthodontic expanders for teeth in Arlington TX.


The respective roles of expanders and braces
Arlington orthodontic expanders for teeth are designed to expand or enlarge the jaw. Palatal expansion creates room for teeth to come in, promotes easier breathing and lines up the top row of teeth with the bottom row more effectively by correcting crossbites.

After creating this expansion, we often utilize Arlington dental braces for teeth to straighten teeth, addressing any spacing issues that might create gaps in between.

The end result of these Arlington orthodontic braces and expanders is a straight, uniform smile that is free of the typical spacing and alignment issues that can hamper the look and health of your teeth.


See if dental braces for teeth in Arlington TX are right for you
Before moving forward with any kind of treatment, it’s important to meet with Dr. Tardy to assess the needs of your teeth. It’s important to administer these types of corrections early in a patient’s life, but we also have solutions for adult patients.

Let’s look and see if Arlington orthodontic expanders for teeth can make a difference in your smile. Contact our team to set up a consultation.