Tardy Orthodontics wants to serve as your choice Arlington orthodontist for adults and teens. Our experienced team has already worked with countless other patients, helping to address the alignment and spacing issues in their teeth, in addition to a wide range of other oral health issues.

We specialize in Arlington braces for teens and adults, alike. Braces are an ultra-effective method in which to adjust the alignment and spacing of your teeth. Our Arlington clear braces for adults come with a variety of benefits — the most important of which is achieving a straight, properly aligned smile that you can be proud of.


Why so many patients dread braces
As an orthodontist for adults in Arlington TX, we work with both adults and teens who are very resistant to the idea of having braces on their teeth. After decades of installing braces for teens in Arlington TX, we are able to address those concerns, which include:

  • Detracting from a smile: One of the top reasons adults and teens don’t want braces is because older versions of braces were large, bulky and dominated a smile. As your Arlington orthodontist for adults, we can offer traditional metal braces that are small and we also offer clear braces.
  • Cause pain and discomfort: Our Arlington braces for teens are small and smooth and made of the most durable materials that are more effective. They cause minimal discomfort and feature rounded edges on the brackets so you don’t have to worry about cutting your lips.
  • Require constant adjustments: Our traditional and clear braces for adults in Arlington TX will require routine follow-up appointments to remain effective.

Put the knowledge and experience of Tardy Orthodontics to use for you — make us your Arlington orthodontist for adults. Schedule your free consultation appointment with us.