Cross bite is a serious alignment issue with your teeth that requires the attention of only a qualified and experienced Burleson cross bite cosmetic dentist. The team here at Tardy Orthodontics is capable of diagnosing and treating cross bite and a wide range of other alignment and spacing issues.

As your cross bite cosmetic dentist in Burleson TX, Dr. Tardy and her team can utilize retainers, expanders and other corrective measures to adjust the alignment of your teeth and remedy the effects of cross bite.

As your Burleson cross bite cosmetic dentist, we can’t speak enough to the importance of early treatment. Children need to have cross bite corrected so they can avoid a long list of unwanted symptoms, such as excessive wear on their teeth and pain in their jaw.


We’re an effective Burleson deep bite cosmetic dentist
Deep bite is another alignment issue that can plague adults, teens and children. As your deep bite cosmetic dentist in Burleson TX, we can effectively shift the alignment of your teeth so that the top row of teeth doesn’t completely overlap the bottom. We create an even bite, which promotes a healthy, nice looking smile.

Dr. Tardy is a cosmetic dentist in Burleson TX that comes with over 20 years of experience. She not only has an eye and deep breadth of knowledge of common (and not-so-common) teeth problems, but her facility is equipped with sophisticated diagnostic equipment to help explore the severity of your oral health needs.


Consult with an experienced Burleson deep bite cosmetic dentist
If you are looking for a Burleson cross bite cosmetic dentist that can effectively shift your teeth, or your child’s teeth, to create a more even, healthy smile, then we encourage you to contact our staff. We offer free consultation appointments that prove to be very insightful for all potential clients.