Burleson orthodontic expanders for teeth are a highly effective resource for addressing important spacing and alignment problems in your smile. Tardy Orthodontics offers treatment involving this orthodontic appliance, along with braces, retainers and other methods of space and alignment correction.

Expanders are often utilized in one phase of treatment that later includes the use of Burleson dental braces for teeth. Palatal expansion is important for a number of reasons.

  • With orthodontic expanders for teeth in Burleson TX, we are able to create room in the dental arch for all teeth, helping to avoid crowding or impacted teeth.
  • These Burleson orthodontic expanders for teeth also create superior alignment, helping the top row of teeth to better align with the bottom row.
  • Expanders, often paired with Burleson dental braces for teeth, create a wider, more attractive smile.

As we said before, orthodontic braces in Burleson TX are also a vital corrective measure for spacing and alignment issues. This hardware straightens the alignment of teeth and erases any abnormal spacing.


Tardy Orthodontics can help with dental braces for teeth in Burleson TX
The friendly staff at Tardy Orthodontics can help determine if you are a candidate for Burleson orthodontic braces or an expander. We will administer an extensive examination — complete with impressions, digital X-rays and more — to assess your dental needs.

From there, Dr. Tardy will utilize her over 20 years of experience to create a treatment plan that will correct any and all imperfections in your smile. As an experienced orthodontist, Dr. Tardy has an extensive knowledge on such important concepts as teeth movement and facial development. This is knowledge that is far and beyond the capacities of traditional dentists.


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