At Tardy Orthodontics, we want to show you how much Burleson traditional and clear braces have evolved. What were once considered a highly invasive, painful and uncomfortable form of orthodontia can now yield clear results quickly and efficiently.

Braces are one of the primary treatments in addressing a wide range of alignment and spacing issues with your teeth. Braces come in a variety of forms — we’ll explain below.

  • Burleson invisible braces: Tardy Orthodontics offers both traditional and clear braces for families in Burleson TX. Our Clarity ADVANCED ceramic braces are highly effective, invisible braces in Burleson TX. They are small, comfortable and virtually undetectable by other people.
  • Burleson traditional metal braces: We offer our patients traditional metal braces, as well. Before you go running for the hills — these are not like the braces of a decade ago. These traditional metal braces for Burleson TX are small, constructed of strong materials and non-invasive. They work quickly and efficiently.
  • Invisalign: Outside of our Burleson traditional and clear braces, we offer Invisalign. This treatment is growing in popularity. Instead of permanently installed Burleson invisible braces, these consist of flexible, clear aligners that you wear for most of the day and can take out before eating. You will get new custom aligners every couple of weeks to slowly correct the alignment and spacing issues of your teeth.

So, which of these methods are best for you? That really depends on the nature of your needs and your preferences.


Let’s find a way to perfect your smile
To get started on your journey to the perfect smile, set up a free consultation with Tardy Orthodontics. Dr. Tardy will examine your teeth (taking X-rays) and break down, in detail, the problems your teeth are facing.

From there, Dr. Tardy can map out a highly effective treatment plan. Whether you require Burleson traditional and clear braces or some other form of treatment, you are in good hands with Tardy Orthodontics.