Fix alignment and spacing issues with your teeth with Grand Prairie crowded teeth treatment by Tardy Orthodontics. Crowding is a relatively common spacing problem that adults, teens and children face.

Crowded teeth are the product of insufficient room in the dental arch — teeth are pushed together and can cause pain and often be hard to keep clean, which leads to plaque build-up and tooth decay.

Tardy Orthodontics offers an effective crowded teeth treatment in Grand Prairie TX. We utilize hardware like palatal expanders and braces to create the necessary room for teeth, and straighten them out nicely when they come in. This Grand Prairie crowded teeth treatment leaves you with a full, straight smile you can be proud of.


Are you suffering from an impacted tooth? Utilize our impacted teeth treatment in Grand Prairie TX
Impacted teeth are often the product of crowding. This is when a tooth fails to erupt properly in the dental arch. There are a variety of available methods in regards to Grand Prairie impacted teeth treatment – including surgical methods. Dr. Tardy and her team will pursue the most non-invasive conservative treatment possible to make room for these teeth and allow them to erupt properly.


We fill in your smile with Grand Prairie missing teeth treatment
Gaps in your smile can make you feel very self-conscious. We offer missing teeth treatment in Grand Prairie TX that fills these gaps. Dr. Tardy is an expert in dental implants, helping to coordinate care to replace your tooth or teeth with natural-looking implants that are strong and sturdy. Don’t suffer through the embarrassment that comes with missing teeth — rely on our Grand Prairie missing teeth treatment.

Tardy Orthodontics offers free, extensive consultations. This appointment is designed to highlight your dental needs and how our team can remedy them with our Grand Prairie crowded teeth treatment and variety of other dental services. Contact us now to schedule your consultation.