Join the professionals at our Grand Prairie family dental clinic to get solutions to even complex issues with your teeth and smile. Tardy Orthodontics is one of the premier dental centers in the area.

We provide our patients with access to experienced and knowledgeable Grand Prairie dental health professionals. Dr. Tardy is at the center of the practice. She comes with over 20 years of experience, and brings that expertise to all facets of our dental health clinic in Grand Prairie TX.


About Dr. Tardy
Dr. Tardy is a specialist in orthodontics and facial orthopedics. She brings incredible knowledge and insight to our family dental clinic in Grand Prairie TX. Some additional background information on one of the leading Grand Prairie TX dental health professionals include that she:

  • Began her dental training at Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas
  • Completed post-grad work at Indiana University College of Dentistry
  • Also completed a residency at Indiana
  • Has done extensive research on bone physiology and dental implants

When you come to our Grand Prairie family dental clinic, you will meet with Dr. Tardy every time. You shouldn’t have to wonder who will be administering your appointments each visit.

As a smaller, locally-owned dental health clinic, we feel that it is important to provide consistency for our patients in terms of who they meet with and which professionals will oversee their care and progress.


Start with a free consultation
You can meet with our Grand Prairie dental health professionals to get the bottom of your dental issues. Dr. Tardy provides insightful and extensive consultations for all potential patients. This includes a close look at the problem and potential solutions. Go ahead – visit our dental clinic in Grand Prairie and get the answers you need.