Welcome to Tardy Orthodontics, where we specialize in Grand Prairie traditional and clear braces — among a wide variety of other treatments to address your oral health issues.

Correcting the alignment and spacing of teeth is one of the cornerstones for any orthodontist — the same rings true for Dr. Tardy and her staff. We work with adults, teens and children, providing them with Grand Prairie invisible braces to correct these issues.


Diagnosing your needs
Before prescribing traditional metal braces in Grand Prairie TX, or any other kind of braces, it’s important to first diagnose the severity of your condition. Dr. Tardy and her team utilize a wide range of cutting-edge tools to do just that.

When we assess our patients’ need for traditional and clear braces in Grand Prairie TX, we take a number of X-rays, including:

  • Panoramic radiograph
  • Cephalometric radiograph
  • 3D X-rays
  • Compile 3D models


This extensive preparation not only allows our team to map out an effective course of treatment, but we can also show you in vivid terms what is going on with your teeth.


Offering Grand Prairie traditional and clear braces
We offer our patients Grand Prairie invisible braces in addition to the more traditional metal braces. Today’s braces are small, discrete and made of stronger materials.

This allows invisible braces in Grand Prairie TX to work more effectively — and quicker — while causing far less discomfort. Forget what you thought you knew about Grand Prairie traditional metal braces.

To see if you are a candidate for Grand Prairie traditional and clear braces — or to get to the bottom of your teeth and oral health issues, please contact our office staff to schedule a free consultation session. During this time with Dr. Tardy, you will gain some very important information and insight.