Underbites and overbites are relatively common teeth alignment issues within a wide range of adults and children and, as a Grand Prairie underbite orthodontic dentist, we have the knowledge and resources to correct these problems.

We bring knowledge and experience to the table as a Grand Prairie overbite orthodontic dentist — we have worked with a long list of adults, teens and children to address this ailment with great success.


What is it?
With proper teeth alignment, the top teeth will slightly overlap the bottom and your molars will fit together. Malocclusion is when this alignment is thrown off.

  • Underbite: This is where the lower row of teeth protrude past the top row of teeth. As an underbite orthodontic dentist in Grand Prairie, we are then tasked with shifting the bottom row back in.
  • Overbite: Similarly, with an overbite, the top row of teeth come down to completely overlap the lower row. As a longtime overbite orthodontic dentist in Grand Prairie, we have seen it lead to problems such as excessive tooth wear, gum damage and even impact chewing, breathing, talking and swallowing.

As a Grand Prairie orthodontic dentist, we are trained to spot overbites and underbites, and also take a wide array of X-rays to further assess your condition.


How is it corrected?
It’s important to work with an experienced Grand Prairie underbite orthodontic dentist to address malocclusion. Traditional dentists don’t generally have an extensive knowledge of teeth movement — this is something orthodontists specialize in.

A Grand Prairie overbite orthodontic dentist can utilize braces with elastic bands or other orthodontic appliances to shift the alignment of your teeth. Surgical methods are also an option, but we generally treat that as a last resort.


Work with Tardy Orthodontics
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