If you or your teen cringes at the thought of braces or other orthodontic work, then consult with Tardy Orthodontics and explore our Mansfield traditional and clear braces.

As time has gone on, technology in the world of orthodontics has advanced greatly. We have stayed on the cutting-edge of these evolutions to provide Mansfield invisible braces that are minimally invasive and that work.


Traditional metal braces in Mansfield TX have come a long way
We offer traditional and clear braces in Mansfield TX that are modern. This means that they:

  • Feature smaller brackets that are less noticeable
  • Our invisible braces in Mansfield TX are minimally detectable
  • Created from stronger, more durable materials
  • Straighten teeth quicker and with less pain


While we get many patients that dread the idea of Mansfield traditional metal braces, most of them find that it’s really not that bad and, with our help, they are able to achieve the results they are looking for in their smile.


Addressing the alignment and spacing issues of your teeth
It’s hard to feel confident with your smile when your teeth are not aligned correctly or are separated by abnormal spacing. We can help with our Mansfield traditional and clear braces.

Using braces and a variety of other methods, we can correct common alignment and spacing issues such as crowding, over bites, under bites, over jetting and more. With Dr. Tardy’s knowledge and experience at the helm, we can address almost any teeth spacing and alignment issues with Mansfield invisible braces and more.


Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Tardy
Tardy Orthodontics invites you in for a consultation. This will feature an extensive examination that effectively diagnoses the issues with your teeth. Dr. Tardy can walk you through a plan to correct these issues. From Mansfield traditional and clear braces to teeth whitening — we have the resources to perfect your smile.