To be the best Midlothian orthodontist for teens, you have to be equipped to offer multiple treatment options for a single problem. Tardy Orthodontics does just that.

For over 30 years, Dr. Tardy has been developing the experience and knowledge needed to treat any condition our patients face. That experience has allowed us to offer the difference choices we have for aligners for adults in Midlothian TX.


Options for braces
Not every mouth is the same. This means that not every treatment can be the same. As the leading orthodontist for teens in Midlothian TX, we offer a number of different options. Our options for Midlothian aligners for adults include:

  • Traditional braces: Sometimes, you have to stick with the classic option. Tardy Orthodontics has the experience to install and maintain traditional metal braces to ensure the best experience possible. Don’t let the traditional braces scare you, though. Advancements have now allowed the brackets to be smaller and less invasive.
  • Ceramic: The Clarity ADVANCED ceramic braces our Midlothian orthodontist for teens offers allows for the renewing of your smile while being virtually unnoticeable.
  • Invisalign: Our Invisalign for adults in Midlothian TX is becoming our leading option for corrective treatments. Allowing for the similar effectiveness as traditional braces without the bracket installation and extra maintenance, Midlothian Invisalign for adults is form fitted to the patient and can be removed for cleaning.

Whether you choose to go the traditional route, or would rather have the Midlothian Invisalign for adults, Tardy Orthodontics can correct almost every issue with your smile simply by using Invisalign or braces. While fixing your mouth, we make it our mission to boost your self-confidence. That starts with a better smile.

To discover why so many are turning to Tardy Orthodontics as their Midlothian orthodontist for teens, give our office a call today. Our friendly staff can schedule your free consultation and address any concerns you have.