Tardy Orthodontics offers Midlothian traditional and clear braces for patients that need correction for the alignment and spacing of their teeth. Braces have long been used in the world of orthodontics, but a lot has changed in how they are utilized and what you can expect.

In fact, many adults and teens might try running for the hills at the very thought of getting traditional metal braces in Midlothian TX. But, before you do, we want to assure you that today’s braces are:

  • Small: No more big, bulky Midlothian traditional metal braces. Today’s braces utilize small brackets that do not interfere with activities like eating, drinking, sports or playing an instrument.
  • Discrete: We offer Midlothian invisible braces with our Clarity ADVANCED series. These are clear, ceramic braces that are almost impossible to detect. With these invisible braces in Midlothian TX, you don’t have to feel self-conscious.
  • Comfortable: Today’s Midlothian traditional and clear braces feature brackets with rounded edges and other smooth, strong materials. This helps you avoid cutting your lips on sharp edges.
  • Effective: Our Midlothian invisible braces and traditional metal braces are highly effective — fixing issues with your alignment and spacing quicker than ever before — and with minimal discomfort.

We invite you to explore traditional and clear braces in Midlothian TX and how they can address your unique oral health needs. To do that, schedule an appointment with Dr. Tardy.


An experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate orthodontist
This consultation appointment is free. Dr. Tardy will take some X-rays and examine your teeth to pinpoint any potential problems (i.e. crowding, over bites, under bites, etc.). From there, Dr. Tardy can lay out, in great detail, how she and her team can go about correcting those issues.

Don’t fear Midlothian traditional and clear braces anymore. Get on the path to the perfect smile by scheduling a time to meet with Dr. Tardy.