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Digital Technology is Revolutionizing Dentistry

The digital revolution is infusing every part of life and orthodontics is no exception. Digital x- rays are faster to process, clearer, and more comprehensive in views compared to traditional dental x-rays.
This technology helps us at Tardy Orthodontics visualize and treat dental orthodontic problems better. Not only can we see more, Dr. Tardy believes digital imaging is an important tool for patient and parent education. Digital images allow us to zoom in or out, change the colors, tones, opacities, or even invert the color in the image to visualize many perspectives.
These navigational and graphic advantages allow the Tardy Orthodontic staff and our doctors to communicate much better with the families we serve whether we are using metal clear invisible braces or clear aligners. Images help the patients and parents understand the treatment needed as we view and discuss these x-rays together.
Acquiring 3D digital images using cone beams and CBCT x-ray machines makes the enhanced images even more dynamic. Life is in 3D. Patients are not two-dimensional creatures.  3D digital imaging is like GPS for the mouth. We can see further into the patient’s anatomy and see what is going on.  If you can see it better, you can diagnose and treat a problem with greater accuracy.
The abilities of 3D imaging go beyond the teeth for orthodontists. It extends to the patient’s overall health. For example, you may be asked on our new exam form – How are you sleeping or do you snore? We know that sleep quality affects overall health. Our 3D images show us the airway space in volume and shape for airway analysis. Proper analysis and diagnosis allow orthodontists to treat sleep apnea and hypoxia episodes with the aid of an oral appliance and eliminate the need for the annoying noise and bulky size of a CPAP machine.
Digital imaging is safe. While radiation exposure is real, the amount of exposure is limited compared to traditional film and the new highly responsive sensors allow for reduced exposures to our patients.
Tardy Orthodontics in South Arlington Mansfield TX has been leading the way using digital and 3D imaging x-rays for almost a decade. If you would like to align your smile using the latest technology, give us a call or make an appointment request online for a complementary consultation.

Dental Digital Technology