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Mouth Guards

Dental injuries are a common event. Since we treat many active people involved in a variety of sports, we are often called upon to assist when dental accidents occur. Injuries to the mouth during orthodontic treatment can cause the appliances to be broken and distorted. Once the blunt force has distorted the appliances it tends to put uncontrolled pressures on the teeth that can cause them to move in the wrong direction. 

The good news is that many times the braces prevent the teeth from getting fully knocked out of the mouth. We recommend dental protection with a mouthguard when participating in sports to reduce the severity of the injury. 

Custom mouthguards can offer the best protection because of the precise fit. We can make these in our in-house lab. There are also a wide variety of over-the- counter mouthguards available at athletic stores.  

One of our doctors will be glad to discuss this topic with you and assist in choosing the right style for your particular activity. 

Why are custom mouth guards are important?