Since 1993

Invisalign® and SureSmile® Clear Aligners

The Invisalign brand of aligners is the most well-known clear aligner brand on the market. Invisalign has been around for over 20 years and has improved its product over time. Tardy Orthodontics has been using the Invisalign aligner system since the beginning. Our decades of experience with Invisalign allows us to best utilize the many features available for successful treatment outcomes. Aligners may be a good alternative to braces if you are looking for a very cosmetic way to straighten your teeth.

How does Invisalign work?

We complete an intraoral scan of your teeth and submit digital data to Invisalign. Our doctors use their software to move your teeth into the proper position and bite. The software then decides how many stages or aligners will be required to guide your teeth into that ideal position. Invisalign then produces the aligners and ships them to your orthodontist.

Invisalign Aligners are a series of custom-made smooth, comfortable, and virtually invisible plastic dental appliances. Each aligner has programmed tooth movements built into them to guide teeth into a desired position. Each aligner will be worn for about 1-2 weeks each. You will receive a group of aligners and return for appointments to monitor your progress then receive the next series of aligners until completion. Since aligners are removable, you can take them out when it is time to eat, brush or floss your teeth. This is one of the biggest advantages over treatment with braces because you don’t need to change your diet during treatment.

We are able to offer Invisalign to teens and adults if the dental conditions present make you a candidate for this type of appliance.

The cost of Invisalign is typically more than traditional braces but may be worth it to you for the added benefit of an invisible removable alternative to braces. Most insurance companies that offer orthodontic benefits usually pay the same benefits whether you are using braces or aligners. We will be happy to check your benefits and inform you on your insurance plan benefits.

 Aligner Advantages:

  • Clear and customized just for you
  • Removable
  • Super comfortable and durable
  • Normal no-hassle brushing and flossing
  • No food or dietary restrictions
  • Less chance of emergency appointments for broken orthodontic appliances
  • Reduced lifestyle interferences
  • Virtual monitoring available for off-site appointments to help your busy schedule

Clear aligners fit in with any of your extracurricular activities. So, whether competing on the basketball team, taking senior photos, speaking at business meetings, getting married or playing the clarinet with the school band, you don’t have to worry about braces getting in the way! We also can do digital monitoring appointments for students who are going off to college or people who travel often. We are here to meet your customized needs.