Since 1993


Orthodontic Retainers are an important component of treatment. Retainers work to keep your teeth in their new straight positions. Retainers are custom made for each patient based upon the nature of your treatment and your teeth. The type of retainer recommended for you will greatly depend on your original dental problem. 

We recommend retainers be an ongoing process through life to maintain your beautiful and functionally healthy smile. This may be surprising to you; however, remember that your body is always changing regardless of your age. The mouth and teeth also have typical ways they change during times of growth and aging as well. 

Most dental offices use a third-party lab to fabricate their dental appliances. The turnaround time will likely range from 3-4 weeks. At Tardy Orthodontics we have always kept this service in-house.  

We have a fully equipped and staffed lab on site to make all our dental appliances including our retainers. We make most of our appliances the same day. 

Benefits of our In-House Dental Lab 

  • Quality control and ability to modify and adjust appliances at your appointment
  • Time efficient for both the patient and the office
  • Reduces or eliminates additional trips to the office and time away from work or school
  • Reduces or eliminates the time a patient is without their appliance
  • Enhanced customer service experience