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Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening systems can vary greatly from over-the-counter products to professional grade systems at your dental provider. The over- the- counter products are less costly, easily accessible and mass produced but have numerous disadvantages for the consumer.

Disadvantages of Over-the-Counter Whitening products

The concentration of the whitening solution is very low and federally regulated for public safety. The methods of application to the teeth vary from whitening strips of gauze to poorly fitting one size fits all trays. Solutions that lay against the gums, inside of the lips and inconsistent across all tooth surfaces are not very effective and less safe. It is common for whitening strips to contain 1 % solution compared to professional applications at your dental provider up to 35 % concentration.

Professional Whitening Systems

Yourdental professional can offer In- Office whitening or Take-home custom Whitening Systems.

In either case the process will be very specific to you, your mouth contour, a higher concentration of solution and effectiveness as well as safely administered and monitored. The solutions application will be designed to evenly spread over the front surfaces of your teeth in an appropriate quantity to avoid contact with the soft tissues of the gum’s, lips, and other oral structures.

Trust your dental professionals with this process to get the best and safest result.

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