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Arlington Clear Metal Braces

Welcome to Tardy Orthodontics, where we offer Arlington clear braces for teens and adults alike. Additionally, we offer traditional, metal braces that are also small, relatively discrete and, most importantly, effective in correcting a variety of issues with your teeth.

It’s important to correct developing issues within teens as they grow. By addressing various problems with teeth and jaws during the teenage years, a patient is able to enjoy straight, beautiful teeth as an adult.

With our metal braces for teens in Arlington TX, the team at Tardy Orthodontics are able to address:

  • Jaw alignment issues: Both metal and clear braces for teens in Arlington TX are effective in correcting overbites and underbites. These are some of the most common jaw alignment issues.
  • Spacing problems: On top of that, our Arlington metal braces for teens can prove effective in dealing with crowded teeth, spaces in between teeth and more.

Many teens are apprehensive about getting braces, but due to the evolving nature of braces, we can tell you with confidence that you don’t have much to worry about.

Today’s Arlington clear braces for teens feature small, discrete brackets that won’t hurt your tongue, lips and cheeks. They minimize the pain and discomfort and will effectively address the issues plaguing your smile.


Tardy Orthodontics is a leading orthodontist in the local area!

Are you wondering if metal braces for teens in Arlington TX might be suitable for your child? Are you looking for an orthodontist that will take the time to educate you about the problems with your teeth and develop an effective method to correct them?

Tardy Orthodontics invites you to visit with our team. Meet with Dr. Tardy, who carries decades of experience in the field. We offer Arlington clear braces for teens and a full line of additional services — contact us to get started.