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Arlington Cross & Deep Bite Cosmetic Dentist

Eliminate alignment issues with your teeth — or the teeth of your children — by working with a trusted Arlington cross bite cosmetic dentist. Led by Dr. Tardy, Tardy Orthodontics utilizes highly-effective, cutting-edge approaches to treatment in order to fix even the most misaligned and crooked smiles.

From serving as an Arlington deep bite cosmetic dentist, to addressing issues like gaps in between teeth or crowding, our team effectively diagnoses your needs, explores potential routes for treatment and then administers that treatment.


Why a cross bite cosmetic dentist in Arlington TX is important
It’s not just cross bite — all alignment issues can have a profound effect on your smile. When your teeth or jaw are not aligned correctly, it can impact you in two general ways.

  • Aesthetics: Everyone wants a nice, healthy looking smile. This is virtually impossible when you suffer from over bite, under bite, cross bite, deep bite and other alignment issues. As your deep bite cosmetic dentist in Arlington TX, we will help create a smile that is straight and nice to look at — affording you the confidence you deserve.
  • Oral health: Also as your Arlington cross bite cosmetic dentist, we want to provide you superior oral health. Issues like cross bite and deep bite can cause excessive wear on teeth and even lead to jaw pain. Dr. Tardy is a cosmetic dentist in Arlington TX that has an extensive knowledge of teeth movement, facial development and other pivotal areas of orthodontics. She will help you maintain a healthy smile.

The first step in solving these alignment issues is consulting with an effective Arlington deep bite cosmetic dentist. Dr. Tardy is now offering free consultations.

Receive a thorough exam and get to the bottom of the issues that are plaguing your smile. As your Arlington cross bite cosmetic dentist, we can take it from there.