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Arlington Crowded Impacted Teeth

For effective, knowledgeable Arlington crowded teeth treatment, consult with the team at Tardy Orthodontics. Led by Dr. Tardy and her highly trained staff, Tardy Orthodontics can diagnose and address cases of crooked teeth and other alignment and spacing issues.

In fact, Tardy Orthodontics provides solutions for a variety of needs, including Arlington missing teeth treatment, teeth whitening, gingival contouring and more.


Why our crowded teeth treatment in Arlington TX is so important
Some individuals lack the needed space within their jaw to accommodate all their teeth. This leads to crowding of teeth, which can usher in a variety of issues, including:

  • Without Arlington crowded teeth treatment, the condition will only get worse, causing potential pain and discomfort.
  • When teeth crowd together, it promotes plaque build-up and makes it hard to maintain clean teeth, leading to tooth decay.
  • Impacted teeth, which is when the tooth fails to erupt into the dental arch. We provide impacted teeth treatment in Arlington TX to provide the space and allow for proper eruption.
  • Crowding can also cause speech problems and trouble eating. It can also hurt the aesthetic appeal of your smile.

With our Arlington impacted teeth treatment and other solutions for crowded teeth, you can remedy this problem quickly and efficiently. Orthodontists offer an expertise in teeth movement, facial development and more, allowing them to methodically fix this somewhat common issue.


We offer missing teeth treatment in Arlington TX
Dr. Tardy specializes in dental implants and Arlington missing teeth treatment. She can correct dental spacing to replace missing teeth with implants that look natural and stand up to the everyday punishment of chewing, brushing and more.

Whether you suffer from crowding, alignment issues or even missing teeth, talk to Dr. Tardy and her staff about your options. We can set up a free consultation to further discuss our Arlington crowded teeth treatment with you.