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Arlington Family Dental Clinic

Solutions to even complex dental issues are available at Tardy Orthodontics and our Arlington family dental clinic. We treat a wide array of dental problems — from overbites and underbites to impacted teeth and more.

Our Arlington dental health professionals want to fine-tune your smile so you can be happy with it and feel confident every time you’re in social situations.


Why choose Dr. Tardy and a dental health clinic in Arlington TX?
Like all orthodontists, Dr. Tardy received additional dental education outside of what is required for traditional dentists. This added schooling and training provides a profound knowledge of intricate aspects of dentistry, such as teeth movement, facial growth patterns and more.

Dr. Tardy has also spent time vigorously researching bone physiology and dental implants in particular, making her an authority on these topics. She brings this knowledge and experience to her family dental clinic, where she provides adults, teens and children in Arlington TX with highly effective treatment methods for a variety of dental needs.


Meet the dental health professionals in Arlington TX from our team
Alongside Dr. Tardy at her Arlington family dental clinic is a dedicated support staff that makes sure you feel comfortable and cared for while you’re in our building.

These Arlington dental health professionals will provide treatment that is non-invasive, comfortable and rooted in an extensive knowledge and experience.


Visit our Arlington dental health clinic for a free consultation
It’s important to get answers about your dental needs before proceeding. We invite you to meet personally with Dr. Tardy for an extensive exam to get a clear picture of your dental needs.

This is a no-obligation opportunity to get answers to your questions or concerns. Contact the team at our Arlington family dental clinic and schedule a time to stop in and finally get on the road to perfecting your smile.