With Arlington traditional and clear braces, and a variety of other treatment methods, Tardy Orthodontics is able to address the needs of your teeth, helping to create a smile you can truly be proud of.

We want you to reconsider everything you think you know about braces. We want to show you that, with Arlington invisible braces, we can correct the alignment and spacing issues of your teeth in a manner that is:

  • Minimally invasive: Traditional metal braces in Arlington TX these days feature small brackets, which are also rounded so they don’t create sharp edges. These don’t get in your way for things like eating or playing an instrument.
  • Discrete: These small brackets are also discrete, so they are not overly noticeable to other people. We offer both traditional and clear braces in Arlington TX — the clear braces are virtually invisible.
  • Minimally painful: Today’s Arlington traditional and clear braces are made of stronger materials that work more effectively. They straighten teeth quicker and don’t leave you in much discomfort at all.


Our Arlington invisible braces are utilized by both men, women and teens alike. They are highly effective in treating issues such as crowding, gaps in between teeth and many other spacing and alignment issues.


Talk to Tardy Orthodontics to see if you are a candidate for invisible braces in Arlington TX
Arlington traditional metal braces can address some issues but aren’t always effective for everyone. The best thing you can do is set up a free consultation with Dr. Tardy if you are not already a patient.

Dr. Tardy will conduct a full examination to diagnose the issues with your teeth and then explain to you in a concise fashion what we can do to help. Whether you require Arlington traditional and clear braces or some other form of treatment, you can get the answers you need with this free, no-obligation appointment.