When folks aren’t pleased with their smile, Burleson cosmetic dentistry services are often an effective avenue for addressing their concerns. However, you’re only going to get great results when you work with someone experienced and knowledgeable.

Dr. Tardy and Tardy Orthodontics would like to introduce you to our brand of Burleson dental care services, catering to the needs of adults, teens and children alike. Dr. Tardy has decades of experience working as an orthodontist and cosmetic dentist in Burleson TX and is an authority on a number of orthodontic topics.


Explore our form of cosmetic dentistry services in Burleson TX
While you can certainly make some distinctions between a cosmetic dentist and an orthodontist, Tardy Orthodontic provides dental care services for Burleson TX that help to address the imperfections in a person’s smile with long-term solutions.

For example, patients might seek out a Burleson cosmetic dentist for:

  • Alignment issues (i.e. cross bites, over bites, under bites, etc.)
  • Spacing issues (i.e. crowding, gaps, etc.)
  • Stained and yellow teeth
  • Inadequate biting relationships
  • And more


These are issues that not only hurt the look of your smile, but that can also cause pain and trouble maintaining strong oral health. That’s where our Burleson cosmetic dentistry services come in.

Tardy Orthodontics can address spacing and alignment issues with braces, retainers and other measures. Furthermore, we also implement teeth whitening for our Burleson dental care services to bring a natural glow back to your teeth.


Gain confidence back with Tardy Orthodontics
We know that having imperfections in your smile can deal a serious blow to your self-confidence. It doesn’t have to anymore. Explore the Burleson cosmetic dentistry services available at Tardy Orthodontics through a free consultation. Tell us what you don’t like about your smile and we will take some X-rays and find an effective way to address your concerns!