Don’t let spacing and alignment issues in your teeth hurt the look of your smile or overall oral health — turn to the team at Tardy Orthodontics for Burleson crowded teeth treatment and more.

Teeth tend to crowd when there is not enough room in your dental arch. This pushes teeth together, leaving them difficult to clean and maintain. We offer crowded teeth treatment in Burleson TX that effectively creates the needed space for your teeth, allowing them to come in beautifully straight.


Do you have missing teeth?
Tardy Orthodontics offers a full range of important dental procedures — including Burleson missing teeth treatment. In fact, Dr. Tardy is an authority on the topic of dental implants, which can be a very effective form of missing teeth treatment for individuals in Burleson TX.

Dental implants look natural and are strong and durable. Most people will not be able to tell that the implant is a replacement for a missing tooth. Talk to our team about our Burleson missing teeth treatment and fill in the gaps of your smile.


Let’s take a look at your teeth
Before we can go to work administering Burleson crowded teeth treatment, it’s important to assess the severity of your condition. Dr. Tardy and her team offer free, no-obligation consultations for all potential patients.

Through X-rays and an extensive exam, we can pinpoint problem areas with your teeth and develop crowded teeth treatment in Burleson TX to address them — whether that involves braces, an expander or other orthodontic appliances. We can also address impacted teeth with our highly effective Burleson impacted teeth treatment.

Get the relief you are looking for by working with Dr. Tardy and her team. Through our Burleson crowded teeth treatment, and variety of other dental services, we can iron out all the kinks in your smile!