As a trusted and capable Burleson underbite orthodontic dentist, Tardy Orthodontics invites you to consult with the experts on our team to gain relief from this condition. A long list of men and women suffer from malocclusions, which is the technical term for both an underbite and an overbite.

As an experienced Burleson overbite orthodontic dentist, we know that the impact of this condition can be profound. An underbite or overbite can affect:

  • The alignment of your teeth
  • How you chew
  • The appearance and shape of your face
  • How you breath (through your mouth)
  • How you talk
  • And more

Naturally, it is paramount that you find a Burleson TX orthodontic dentist that can address these issues.


A Burleson underbite orthodontic dentist with knowledge and experience
Dr. Tardy has over 30 years of experience working in the world of orthodontics. She is an expert Burleson underbite orthodontic dentist that can both develop and execute highly effective treatment methods.

As a longtime Burleson overbite orthodontic dentist, these treatments consist of everything from surgical methods (essentially considered a last resort) to utilizing braces and elastic bands to correct the alignment of the teeth and jaw.

It’s important that patients in Burleson with these conditions seek an underbite orthodontic dentist at an early age — but it’s never too late, even if you suffer from this still as an adult.


Consult with a leading overbite orthodontic dentist in Burleson
Correcting either an overbite or underbite is a major undertaking, so it takes planning. We invite you to visit our facility for a consultation free of charge. This includes an extensive examination with a variety of X-rays.

Dr. Tardy will personally walk you through potential treatment methods and answer any questions you might have along the way. Schedule a time to visit with Dr. Tardy and see first hand why she is considered a leading Burleson underbite orthodontic dentist.