If you find yourself in desperate need of Grand Prairie cosmetic dentistry services, we invite you to consult with the team here at Tardy Orthodontics. We offer a wide range of Grand Prairie dental care services to address a variety of teeth and oral health issues.

With Dr. Tardy’s knowledge and expertise at the helm of our practice, we can assure that you will receive personalized, compassionate and highly effective treatment that is rooted in decades of experience on the job.


A Grand Prairie TX cosmetic dentist you can count on
Dr. Tardy can address a wide variety of aesthetic issues with your teeth. From stained teeth to teeth that feature poor alignment and spacing, her cosmetic dentistry services in Grand Prairie TX are designed to address and correct these issues.

However, these dental care services in Grand Prairie TX don’t just create beautiful smiles — they create healthy smiles, as well. This form of Grand Prairie cosmetic dentistry services allows you to properly maintain your teeth and keep them healthy down the road.


Choose the experience of an orthodontist
Many patients come to us seeking Grand Prairie dental care services and wondering if they can just consult with their regular, everyday dentist. Orthodontists like Dr. Tardy have more extensive experience in areas such as teeth movement, facial growth, jaw alignment and methods to straighten teeth.

This allows us to be even more effective as a Grand Prairie cosmetic dentist. While a traditional dentist focuses on general maintenance treatments, we handle cases that are anywhere from mild to severe.

Let’s start by getting to the bottom of the issues with your teeth and oral health. Consult with Dr. Tardy and her team about how you can benefit from our Grand Prairie cosmetic dentistry services. We would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have.