No other Grand Prairie orthodontist for teens has made achieving a healthy smile as easy as Tardy Orthodontics. With over 30 years of experience and thousands of patients, Dr. Tardy has treated or dealt with essentially every oral health need.

From cosmetic procedures to regaining a healthy mouth, Tardy Orthodontics wants to be your Invisalign orthodontist for teens in Grand Prairie TX.


Join us for a free consultation
In an effort to determine if you are a candidate for aligners for adults in Grand Prairie TX, Tardy Orthodontics makes your initial consultation free. By doing this, we can determine the severity of your condition and inform you of effective treatment. Your complimentary visit includes:

  • A panoramic X-ray to determine if you need Grand Prairie aligners for adults.
  • An oral exam by Dr. Tardy to determine if you are eligible for Invisalign for adults in Grand Prairie TX or if another course of treatment is necessary.
  • As the premier Grand Prairie orthodontist for teens, Dr. Tardy will go over all treatment options and will work with you to ensure you understand every step of the process.


We work with many insurance programs
To make sure the most patients possible have access to our Grand Prairie Invisalign for adults, our office participates in most dental plans. Also, if insurance isn’t an option, our administrative team can share with you several payment options. We can even customize payment schedules to fit your family’s financial needs.


Limit the necessary follow-up visits
Arguably the greatest benefit of our Grand Prairie Invisalign for adults is that there aren’t as many follow up visits required. In fact, since there are no wires to fix or brackets to tighten, the visits are scheduled six to eight weeks apart.

We are a premier Grand Prairie orthodontist for teens and as such, we can offer you several different options to treat your condition. If you’ve been turned away from other dentists or you want a specialist to treat you, give us a call today. Let our friendly staff tell you how we can get you on your way to a beautiful, healthier smile.