Fix critical alignment issues with your teeth and jaw with an experienced Mansfield cross bite cosmetic dentist. Dr. Tardy and the team at Tardy Orthodontics provides the resources needed to fix these issues with your teeth.

They include:

  • Cross bite
  • Deep bite
  • Over bite
  • Under bite
  • And more

As a leading Mansfield deep bite cosmetic dentist, we can help you explore your potential avenues for treatment, which include such correctives measures as expanders, retainers, braces and more.


A reliable cross bite cosmetic dentist in Mansfield TX
Dr. Tardy and her team know the profound impact that these, and other alignment issues, can have on a person. Not only do they deal a blow to your self-confidence by hurting the look of your smile, but they can be downright painful — capable of causing long-term, irreversible damage.

As your deep bite cosmetic dentist in Mansfield TX, we take our time to closely diagnose your dental need and formulate a treatment plan that will yield the results you are looking for. With Tardy Orthodontics as your Mansfield cross bite cosmetic dentist, you can expect a healthy, nice looking smile.


A trusted cosmetic dentist in Mansfield TX
Adults, teens and even children rely on Dr. Tardy as their choice Mansfield deep bite cosmetic dentist. That’s because we offer innovative, cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment methods. We also treat you like a priority. Each time you come in for a visit, you will meet personally with Dr. Tardy, who will closely monitor your progress to make sure you achieve a smile you can be proud of.

We are now offering consultation appointments, which come with an extensive evaluation of your teeth and overall oral health. Get answers and insights you need from a trusted Mansfield cross bite cosmetic dentist by contacting our office staff and making your appointment.