Specializing in Mansfield orthodontic expanders for teeth, and a variety of other important corrective measures, Tardy Orthodontics wants to perfect the smile of adults, teens and children alike.

Establishing appropriate alignment and spacing within teeth is pertinent for a smile that looks nice, but also for superior oral health. That’s why Tardy Orthodontics offers both palatal expanders and a variety of Mansfield dental braces for teeth.


About orthodontic expanders for teeth in Mansfield TX
Expanders are installed in the mouth to expand and stabilize the dental arch. Expanders are equipped with a center screw that is to be gradually turned in order to slowly expand the arch. This might cause some mild discomfort or dental soreness but should not be painful.

These Mansfield orthodontic expanders for teeth create space to resolve overcrowding, also making it easier to breath and improving the alignment of your teeth.


We offer Mansfield dental braces for teeth
Orthodontic braces in Mansfield TX are another very common form of orthodontia. Braces utilize brackets that are bonded to each tooth and then joined together with a wire to straighten and align teeth.

At Tardy Orthodontics, we offer traditional metal braces, clear ceramic braces and Invisalign treatments, which utilize clear, flexible and removable trays that gradually shift your teeth into appropriate placement. Consult with Dr. Tardy and her staff about which Mansfield orthodontic braces are best for you.


See if you need dental braces for teeth in Mansfield TX
Tardy Orthodontics has a great track record working with both adults and teens alike. Ideally, it’s easiest to work with patients that are still growing, but we can still develop non-invasive dental solutions for adults.

Consult with Dr. Tardy and her team and develop a solution that will effectively address the alignment and spacing needs of your teeth. From Mansfield orthodontic expanders for teeth to braces, retainers and other corrective measures — we have the resources to perfect your smile.