A truly effective Mansfield orthodontist for teens can outfit your child with the corrective measures they need, but in a discrete fashion where the hardware in their mouth does not define them in social settings.

That’s why Tardy Orthodontics has set out to inform our patients about the different treatments we can offer to make their smile healthy again. With our aligners for adults in Mansfield TX, we succeed in our mission every day.


Cost effective treatments.
When it comes to finding an orthodontist for teens in Mansfield TX, cost is always an issue. To keep the cost down and to increase the self-confidence in our patients while bettering their smiles, Tardy Orthodontics offers Invisalign for adults in Mansfield TX.

Invisalign provides many of the same benefits of treatment that traditional braces offer while removing most of the stigma associated with braces. When used properly, Mansfield Invisalign for adults and teens can:

  • Correct many teeth conditions
  • Allow for proper cleaning of the teeth (just remove the aligners before brushing)
  • Make sure not to draw any unwanted attention to your mouth

Our Mansfield aligners for adults and teens are effective and our patients only need to visit us about every 6 to 8 weeks for a routine 30 minute visit.


More effect treatment
With our Mansfield Invisalign for adults, patients experience smooth, thin, and minimally visible appliance treatment when compared to traditional braces. Without wires and the need for tightening, Invisalign allows the patient more freedom to live their life normally.


We thrive on patient satisfaction
As the premier Mansfield orthodontist for teens and adults, our patients can’t seem to say enough about us. From our friendly staff to our innovative treatment options, our patients leave feeling like family.

With teens facing many issues that lower their self-esteem, our Mansfield orthodontist for teens works to build self-confidence while creating healthy smiles. To give us a try, simply call our office to set up your appointment. If you are in the area, come by and meet or friendly staff. Your teen will thank you for bringing them to a specialist who cares as much as you.