Tardy Orthodontics is a leading Mansfield underbite orthodontic dentist. We also have the knowledge and experience to address another fairly common alignment issue, referred to as overbites.

Below, we will talk a little bit about each and what Dr. Tardy and her experienced staff can do for you if you suffer from either of these ailments.


About overbites
An overbite is a condition where your top teeth overlap your bottom teeth completely when you bite down. This can do everything from change the shape of your face and affects the way you talk to causing excessive wear on your teeth.

We are a Mansfield overbite orthodontic dentist that can correct this problem. It’s actually ideal to address an overbite at around the age of 11-13, before a person’s definitive growth spurt. However, there are many adults that come to us as their overbite orthodontic dentist in Mansfield.

We can assess the severity of your condition and provide treatments such as braces and elastic bands to readjust the alignment of your teeth accordingly.


Underbites are similar
As an experienced Mansfield underbite orthodontic dentist, we also work with adults, teens and children who suffer from this similar ailment, where the bottom row of teeth protrude past the top row.

As your underbite orthodontic dentist in Mansfield we will utilize braces, appliances or even surgical methods if necessary to correct the problem.


A trusted Mansfield orthodontic dentist
We are not just a Mansfield overbite orthodontic dentist — we specialize in a variety of treatments to address the many different issues that can affect your smile. As experienced orthodontists, we are highly knowledgeable in the realm of teeth movement, facial development and more. We are equipped to make profound changes to your smile.

Schedule a free consultation with a Mansfield underbite orthodontic dentist. We will administer an extensive exam, including X-rays, to get the bottom of what has been hampering your teeth and overall oral health.