Tardy Orthodontics is a trusted Midlothian cross bite cosmetic dentist that is equipped to address the wide range of alignment and spacing issues that can plague your smile. It’s important that children and young teens receive the necessary treatment for these issues while they are still growing.

However, as your Midlothian deep bite cosmetic dentist, we also have solutions and treatment methods for adults. It’s never too late to correct your smile and Tardy Orthodontics wants to show you.


A cross bite cosmetic dentist in Midlothian TX
A cross bite is when teeth on the top row sit inside the bottom row of teeth, creating an uneven bite. As your Midlothian cross bite cosmetic dentist, our team can utilize retainers, expanders and other corrective measures to cure this alignment issue.

By treating this problem early, you are able to save yourself from excessive teeth wear, asymmetric growth, gum damage, jaw pain and more. You can consult with a cosmetic dentist in Midlothian TX from our team to show you how.


A Midlothian deep bite cosmetic dentist
Deep bite is another fairly common alignment issue. This is a very severe form of an overbite, where the front teeth on your top row completely overlap the corresponding teeth on the bottom row.

This leads to a number of issues that hurt the look and health of your smile. We can make it right as your deep bite cosmetic dentist in Midlothian TX.


Schedule a consultation appointment with Tardy Orthodontics
Dr. Tardy would be happy to meet with you and conduct an extensive examination of your teeth — including X-rays.

We can show you the problems that are plaguing your teeth and how we can improve it as your Midlothian cross bite cosmetic dentist. Contact our office staff right now and schedule this initial, no-obligation appointment.