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Midlothian Crowded Impacted Teeth

Are you in search of Midlothian crowded teeth treatment that can finally deliver you a smile that you can be proud of? We invite you to consult with the team at Tardy Orthodontics.

Led by the knowledgeable and experienced Dr. Tardy, our team specializes in fixing alignment and spacing issues in your smile. These issues manifest themselves in a number of ways, including:

  • Missing teeth: Midlothian missing teeth treatment is important in erasing large gaps in your smile. Whether you lost a tooth in an accident or to natural decay, our missing teeth treatment in Midlothian TX can utilize a strong, natural-looking implant to fill the void.
  • Crowded teeth: Often, a patient’s dental arch won’t have enough room to facilitate all the teeth that are trying to come in. This forces the teeth to crowd together, causing a wide range of problems. Crowded teeth treatment in Midlothian TX is a must. Tardy Orthodontics can expand the arch and make room for all incoming teeth.
  • Impacted teeth: Often closely associated with crowding, impacted teeth are teeth that fail to erupt in the dental arch. Impacted teeth treatment in Midlothian TX can either extract these teeth or take measures to allow them to erupt naturally.

Midlothian crowded teeth treatment and other correctional methods are important in helping you maintain a smile that is even, straight and beautiful. From Midlothian missing teeth treatment to our work with braces, expanders and more — we strive to perfect your smile.


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