If you are looking for an experienced, trusted Midlothian dentist for Invisalign treatments, begin (and finish) your search with Tardy Orthodontics. We are a local leader in Invisalign treatments, in addition to offering both clear (see our Clarity ADVANCED series) and traditional metal braces.

A variety of adults and teens rely on Dr. Tardy and her staff as a choice dentist for Invisalign in Midlothian TX. This treatment shifts around your teeth much like traditional braces, but does so via clear, flexible aligner trays that can be removed before eating, drinking or brushing your teeth.

As a trusted Midlothian dentist for Invisalign, our team will closely monitor your progress and make sure that these treatments are helping you to achieve your goal of a straight, perfect smile.


Explore the benefits of our clear braces
Tardy Orthodontics is also a trusted Midlothian dentist for clear braces. We utilize Clarity ADVANCED ceramic braces, which are:

  • Small: The brackets on these invisible braces in Midlothian TX are small and save you from the sharp edges that accompany old, outdated metal braces.
  • Discrete: These are called Midlothian invisible braces for a reason — the clear, ceramic brackets and wiring are essentially invisible to other people.
  • Durable: As a longtime dentist for clear braces in Midlothian TX, we know that braces take a beating over the course of a single day. That’s why we worked hard to develop braces that will stand up to eating, drinking, playing an instrument, physical activities and more.

As your Midlothian dentist for clear braces, we can provide you with a highly effective way of fixing the alignment and spacing issues with your smile without announcing to the world: “Look at me! I have braces!”

Schedule a free consultation with a reputable Midlothian dentist for Invisalign and clear braces by contacting Tardy Orthodontics.