Midlothian orthodontic expanders for teeth are an effective way to address serious spacing and alignment issues. This is especially critical for children and young teens, who are still growing, therefore, adjusting the movement of their teeth and the development of their jaw is seamless and easy.

Tardy Orthodontics specializes in working with adults, teens and children to treat alignment and spacing issues, therefore, producing a straight, full, wide smile that you can feel confident in. We are a trusted resource for Midlothian dental braces for teeth, expanders, retainers and more.


Are you a candidate for orthodontic braces in Midlothian TX?

Braces are used to solve a variety of dental problems. Today’s dental braces for teeth in Midlothian TX are small, discrete and minimally invasive. We also offer Midlothian orthodontic braces that are made of ceramic and are virtually clear.

Dr. Tardy and her team provide comprehensive assessments and consultations for free. We can determine the extent of your dental needs and see if you would benefit from Midlothian dental braces for teeth.


Palatal expansion
Our team also utilizes Midlothian orthodontic expanders for teeth to create space in the dental arch. This relieves some of the common spacing and alignment issues for children, such as crowded or impacted teeth.

Orthodontic expanders for teeth in Midlothian TX are most effective for patients that are still growing (ideally ages 7 to 13) but we can develop treatments for adults who suffer from these problems as well.


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Schedule a time to meet with Dr. Tardy and talk more about Midlothian orthodontic expanders for teeth and other methods of handling spacing and alignment issues. Don’t sacrifice the confidence that comes with having a nice, straight smile. Work with Tardy Orthodontics and take advantage of decades of orthodontic experience.