If you’ve tried other dentists and walked away with lackluster results, try a leading Midlothian orthodontist for adults — Dr. Tardy and Tardy Orthodontics.

With over 20 years of helping patients from every walk of life, Tardy Orthodontics has developed a comprehensive form of patient care. No matter what condition you have, our orthodontist for adults in Midlothian TX can help.


Conditions we treat
With our Midlothian braces for teens and adults, we are able to clear up many of the conditions our patients face. Some of the conditions we treat with our clear braces for adults in Midlothian TX include:

  • Overjet: When your upper teeth protrude in front of your bottom, braces for teens in Midlothian TX can help pull the top teeth back. In doing so, we make it easier to chew your food and reduce the wear on the back of your teeth.
  • Underbite: Opposite of overjet, underbite occurs when the bottom teeth are further out than the top. Wearing our Midlothian clear braces for adults can correct the imbalance with the teeth and jaws, as well as limit the problems your jaw joints will encounter.
  • Crowding: Since Tardy Orthodontics is a full service Midlothian orthodontist for adults, our team is able to treat crowding issues caused by a simple lack of room in your jaw. Either by removing the extra teeth or creating extra space with braces and other appliances, patients that suffer from crowding need look no further than our team.


We treat teens and children
With young children and teens, it’s important to be conscious of the social effects created by braces and other mouth hardware. With our Midlothian braces for teens, what once was a horrifying experience can be subtle enough to remove any ridicule your child could potentially face.

With Tardy Orthodontics as your Midlothian orthodontist for adults, your smile and mouth can be healthier than ever. Give us a call today and schedule your free consultation appointment. Our friendly office staff will answer any questions you may have regarding our treatments.