Alignment issues with your teeth can be a major problem — luckily, Tardy Orthodontics serves as a leading Midlothian underbite orthodontic dentist that can address these issues with your smile.

An underbite and overbite are exactly as they sound — it’s when either the top or bottom rows of teeth overlap the other. These rows of teeth are supposed to come together for a nice, even bite. As a Midlothian overbite orthodontic dentist, we know that it is never too late to correct these issues — and important to do so. If an underbite or overbite goes unaddressed, it can:

  • Hurt the appearance of your smile: As a longtime Midlothian orthodontic dentist, we know that these conditions can cause damage to gums, force excessive tooth wear and so much more. It’s hard to feel confident with your smile when you suffer from these issues.
  • Cause pain and soreness: As your underbite orthodontic dentist in Midlothian, we can provide a treatment that allows for relief from jaw pain and soreness.
  • Affect the functionality of your mouth: An underbite or overbite can make an impact on the way you eat, breath and even talk. We want to serve as your Midlothian underbite orthodontic dentist to explore avenues to lessen or eliminate this impact on your life.


We are a Midlothian overbite orthodontic dentist that strives for the most non-invasive corrective measures possible. While surgical methods are certainly a potential avenue, an underbite or overbite are most often corrected via braces and other orthodontic corrective hardware.

As your overbite orthodontic dentist in Midlothian, we will provide extensive testing and planning — utilizing cutting-edge technology like 3D models along the way — to ensure that our treatment is effective.


We look forward to helping you!
Harness the knowledge and experience of Dr. Tardy and her team as your Midlothian underbite orthodontic dentist. Schedule a consultation and erase the problem signs of an underbite or overbite.