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braces for teens

Braces for Teens

Many of our patients are between the age of 11 and 17 years old. The most optimal time to correct the teeth and jaws are when the patient is growing. We are most successful in our treatments when we can use the body’s growth stages to redirect and modify how the mouth is developing. Most teens go through puberty and express the majority of their growth between ages 11 to 15 so utilizing this window of time is critical. Generally, boys tend to have their growth spurt a little later than girls. We monitor our patients’ individual growth stages and recommend treatment and the appropriate time for each person based on their unique growth pattern. 

Most teens who start treatment in middle or intermediate school are able to complete braces before they start high school. Teens have the option of metal braces, clear braces and in some cases Invisalign or clear aligners. Our orthodontists will review your dental alignment and advise you on the best appliance for your particular situation. 

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